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Re-Rigs/Standing Rigging

Whether you own a new yacht or a yacht in need of re-rigging we are able to help you. We stock most wire and can easily get in what we do not have.

Sydney Rigging Specialists has the capability to Hydraulic Swage wire from 2mm to 22mm and can cold head rod end up to -76 diameter.

Sydney Rigging Specialists stock 1x19 wire and Dyform (Hamma) wire as well as a large inventory of swage end fittings that enable us to have a speedy turn around for standing rigging and life line jobs.

Sydney Rigging Specialists is experienced in replacing standing rigging. You can either send in your existing wires or measurements for replacement and we will post new wires back to you; or we can measure up and supply as required.

Out of Yacht Mast Servicing


A mast and rigging is like anything else mechanical, they need to be serviced. The environment that a mast lives in is probably the most unkind there is, salt, pollution and constant movement due to the boat rocking, are all contributing factors to wear and tear in masts.
Sheaves, pins, turnbuckles, spreader tips and attachments all need to be checked and lubricated. Goosenecks need to be checked for unwanted movement and lubricated. Standing rigging needs to be checked for signs of fatigue, whether it be checking for broken strands in wire rigging or die penetrant testing the cold heads in rod rigging.
Most areas where there is wear and tear can be rectified if the problem is found early enough from regular rig inspections.

Visual In Yacht Rig Inspections


A mast and rigging needs to be checked regularly by someone with knowledge about the individual mast. Once a year the mast and rigging should be checked by a professional rigger. 


Sydney Rigging Specialists are certified rig inspectors in the rigging inspectors scheme implemented by the insurance industry.We also provide a pre-purchase rig inspection service for people who are looking at purchasing a second hand yacht and would like a rig inspection before committing to a purchase.

No insurance rig check will be carried out on a vessel that we are not familiar with after the 1st of December of each calendar year.

An "in yacht mast and rigging check" is visual only and there may be faults which are not visible to the human eye. We endeavour to give the most accurate information that can be gained from a visual inspection.

Replacing Standing Rigging


Sydney Rigging Specialists have invested in machinery that enables us to manufacturer standing rigging in house which allows us to use the end fittings that we deem the right ones for the job.

Swaging Capabilities - we have various types of swaging machines (roll and press) with the ability to swage from 2.5mm (3/32") to 28mm (1' 1/8"). We also have the capabilities of fitting ball swages from 3/32" to 3/16" wire. We have the tools for Nicro Press (talent) swaging from up until 8mm wire.

Rod Heading - with two rod heading machines, Sydney Rigging Specialists has the capabilities of heading rods from -04 to -76.

Mast Assembly and Stepping

Whether you have a new yacht or a second hand yacht that has been transported into the Sydney area, it is most important for the mast to be assembled and stepped into the yacht in the correct fashion. Sydney Rigging Specialists provide the service of commissioning and stepping masts. 

Mast Removal and Packing For Transport

When a yacht is being transported somewhere by means other than its own bottom, the quality of the removal and packing of the mast and rigging determines what state the rig arrives at the other end of the journey. We have seen rigs that have been poorly packed and most of these sustain damage during transportation that insures extra un-necessary costs to repair on arrival. We offer a service of removing rigs and packing them for transport.


Rig Maintenance, Upgrade & New Build Management

We run rig programs for many yachts which include simple maintenance scheduling and running trades involved works required on the rig. For modifications or repairs that need to be made to the rig, we are able to liaise with designers and contractors to ensure the right information is obtained and the methods of completing the job are economical and correct. We also run the upgrade of many rigs from inshore orientated to offshore capable with the installation of mast tracks, upgrade rigging sizes and addition of reef points.

Rig Tuning

The ability to get the mast tune to suit the cut of the sail is a major part of making a sailing boat perform to its highest potential. At Sydney Rigging Specialists we have experience in the sailmaking field having had members of our team who have worked as sailmakers and designers as well as being well respected sailors. A sailing rig tune involves taking your boat sailing with you and your crew to set up your rig to match the cut of your sails (to our best ability). Generally we like to start with a static tune of the rig to make sure that our centres are correct and then go for a short sail (not racing) to check our setup to the sail and tack to tack.

System Design and Specification

We have sailed on many different types of boats, old and new. This experience gives us the experience on knowing what systems work and do not work. We are able to design a system for a particular purpose, supply the parts for the system and fit the system to the yacht. Alternatively we are able to supply kits with all the parts needed and instruction of how and where to fit those parts for another person to fit.

We have been heavily involved with new builds and refits of many deck layouts, control systems and installations of such in the past few years.

Metal Fabrication and Machine Shop

Over the past few years, Sydney Rigging Specialists have brought most of the metal fabrication and machining work in house with investment into this area of the business. 

Being able to carry out jobs that require turning, milling and welding in-house has improved our turn around times on jobs immensely.

Architectural Rigging

Sydney Rigging Specialists have experience in the installation of many styles of rigging systems outside the area of yacht rigging. Recent projects include the installation of the lifting systems for raising vertical windows and doors in high end residences. The design and install of the lifting system for privacy rooms in restaurants. Also the design and installation of lifting systems to lift displays into the ceilings of theme restaurants.

Sydney Rigging Specialists also carry a large range of fittings for the supply of horizontal wires for balustrade systems for either the professional fitter or the home handyman. 

Sydney Rigging Specialists
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