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Our Staff

Sydney Rigging Specialists have been in the business for 25 years in the same area doing the same thing, specializing in yacht rigging and cordage. 


Two directors, Bruce Clark and Craig Garnett manage the company and  Susan Veal and Jane Clark work closely with them to help run the business in their administration and accounts roles. 


Our rigging staff includes Will Parker, Rob Woodman, Tyrone Brady, Harry Smith, Charlie Goodfellow and Catriona Glassock who have collectively been with the company for over 20 years.


All have had a wide variety of sailing experience over the years in dinghy classes, one design, inshore and offshore yachts along with maxi yacht sailing locally, around the country and overseas.


We provide our products to a wide variety of industries including landscaping and horticulture, parks and wildlife, arts and music, television, film and fashion.


We have a stable work force and have found the ideal staff numbers which works for us with our year round demands. We do not employ unknowns for busy periods, which means Sydney Rigging Specialists standards are always kept high. Our staff have a wide variety of interests in other fields including music, IT, electronics, gardening and sports, which they can draw from and apply to the work they, do with us.


We have the ability to manufacture items to our specifications or even manufactured and repairs in-house, which has been achieved with the formation of our engineering services managed by Dave Hobbs.


Sydney Rigging Specialists are able to have a better control of the time frames it takes to complete a job and the quality of the final product.


We are not aligned to set suppliers so we can supply the product that is most suitable for the job in terms of quality and budget.

Sydney Rigging Specialists
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