SRS News May 2020

By Bruce Clark


Right now, we the world are going through an experience that I have never had to face in my lifetime.

The spread of COVID-19.

I do hope that all are keeping safe and we all see this time through.

In what was supposed to be a historical year for Sydney Rigging Specialists; in that Peter Gardner and myself formed Sydney Rigging Specialists 25 years ago in 1995, instead of celebrations, we find ourselves in a time of weirdness.

Social distancing rules have meant that yacht racing throughout the world has been cancelled and people are only allowed to use their yachts with people that they live with for exercise.

Sydney Rigging Specialists have remained open throughout this terrible pandemic and immense thanks goes to our customers who on the most part have kept their service work going and thus allowed us to keep our staff at work.

This is incredibly important for all concerned state of mind, so again, thank you from all of us at Sydney Rigging Specialists.

Thank you must also go to our incredibly loyal staff who have backed Craig and myself for the decisions we have made all the way through this.

During the past six weeks, Craig and I have been working on our internal systems with the view of making our service better. These changes in systems are not dramatic, just an endeavour to improve what Sydney Rigging Specialists are able to provide to our customers.


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