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Marlow Ropes

Marlow’s Grand Prix Series revolutionised the way high performance running rigging is specified and ordered. Imitated by many, but matched by none, the Grand Prix Series was developed and is continuously improved through our long experience with high performance race teams and feedback from our global network of specialist Grand Prix Riggers.

The Grand Prix Series uses the highest performance materials offering unique and specific attributes to cores and covers that allow a team to specify exactly how ropes perform in different applications.  This can be further enhanced with customisations including core inserts, machine tapers and hoist markers.

The reason Marlow’s Grand Prix Series ropes work so well and are so respected is that we listen to the feedback and needs of our Grand Prix Riggers and their customers – the race boat captains and crews. When combined with our attention to detail and passion for excellence, Marlow’s Grand Prix Series ropes deliver reliable, race winning performance.

Sydney Rigging Specialists are excited to be working closely with Marlow on these range of premium ropes and to be fitting them to our grand prix and maxi yacht customers here in Australia and overseas.

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Sydney Rigging Specialists
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