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DynIce Furling Cable

An excellent high torsion head sail cable for smaller and medium sized yachts. Apart from the high torque the breaking strength is high as the strength member is made of heatset and stretched DynIce based on Dyneema®SK75. This cable has been designed to be used with cone terminals and offers excellent performance and value. Accurate fixed lengths with the customer preferred thimbles are made on request and will ensure highest possible breaking strength. The manufacturing technique for making DynIce Furling Cable is protected by two separate patent pending methods.

The torque is measured by twisting perpendicularly a length of 1000 mm and measuring the resistance in Nm.  For example is the torque of 15 mm 23 Nm. As 1 N is equivalent to roundly 0,1 kg a 23 N is 2,3 kg.


Imagine holding a stick which is 1 m long and on the end are the 2,3 kg hanging. That is the force needed to twist the DynIce Furling cable one full twist and that is quite high force.


The elongation in mm for each diameter is similar as the top end of the

line represents the full elongation of 1000 until it breaks.  One m of 15 mm at 5000 daN (roundly 4,9 metric tons) will elongate by some 18 mm.


 If the length of the furling line is 7 m the total elongation is at that load only 7 x 18 = 126 mm plus some setting in end terminations.

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