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Tylaska Hardware is high quality marine hardware for the sailing and marine industry.
Products include Snap Shackles, Halyard Shackles, J-Locks, and Fids. Tylaska manufacture
hardware to suit every sailboat whether it is a small one design, a mid size racing or
cruising boat, or a 170 foot super yacht.

Tylaska shackles provide discriminating sailors with the ultimate in strength, performance
and durability. They are the standard for cutting edge racing and cruising sailboats
throughout the world. Tylaska Shackles can be found on many of the boats in the America's
Cup Challenge, the Volvo Around the World Race, Fastnet Racing Series, Sydney to
Hobart, Farr 40 0ne Designs, TP52s etc.

Tylaska shackles are manuafactured in a method to make them the best possible product
on the market, based upon physics and not economics. Many extra and exotic processes
are used in manufacture to differentiate the Tylaska shackle from the normal piece
of hardware.

First, every structural part is run through a procedure called hipping (high isostatic pressurization),
which is a process normally only reserved for spacecraft and critical aerospace
parts. This consists of heating the component to near melting point in a vessel containing
inert gas. The gas is then pressurized and the softened component is squeezed
and compressed to seal and collapse any underlying void or imperfection. The result is a
very dense and uniform material similar to a wrought or forged component, but in a shape
or configuration impossible with forging.

Next, heat treating is done in vacuum furnace to eliminate any chance of contamination.
Several testing processes are implemented such as zyglo and magnifluxs to identify any
microscopic surface flaws or cracks that could go unseen by the unaided eye. Each component
is then run through a salt corrosion test to identify any contamination or chance
for staining and ultrasonically cleaned afterwards. Next, each and every snap shackle is
tension pulled to 50% of its breaking strength and also released under load. This is not a
random statistical process, every single snap shackle is pull tested and verified as to
holding the stated working load.

After proof testing, the shackle is hand buffed and then cleaned again. Finally, one last
thorough hand inspection is done on each item to verify that nothing is left unchecked. .
Tylaska shackles are not the cheapest shackle available on the market, but they are quite
possibly the best.


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